IT: Chapter 2

IT: Chapter 2 is a 2019 horror sequel to the fan favorite IT. It takes place 27 years after the first movie as Pennywise the clown is back with a vengeance. You follow the kids from the first movie, however they are all grown up and haven’t seen each other since the events of the first movie.

I was a fan of the first IT movie. I didn’t find it to be too scary but the cast was amazing and carried the whole movie. The second installment was not as good as the first. The pacing felt really slow in the beginning and some of the characters that I liked in the first movie fell flat on their face in my opinion. Pretty much all of the scares in this movie are jump scares, which really sucks. Bill Skarsgard kills it as Pennywise yet again, mastering the evil clown. While the older version of the cast has some good actors in it, I wasn’t as engaged with them as I was the kids. I can say the best thing about this movie is Bill Hader. Oh my lord this man is a comedy genius. He might be a good enough reason for me to watch this movie again.

I recommend you see this movie if you saw the first one. It only gets a okay mark for me in terms of actually horror and scares, but nonetheless IT 2 is worth a watch.

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