For first ever Film of the Month I will be showcasing an shorter yet dense indy film called Enemy

Enemy is a 2014 indy thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal. It follows a quiet college professor named Adam, as he stumbles across his look-alike in movie he watches. After tracking down a man who looks exactly like him even down to his scar, Adam begins to lose his mind and control over his own life.

Okay, before I say anything else I have to mention that this movie is really complex. Now that might sound dumb but after I finished this movie, I had to do about an hour of research before I really understood what was really going on. This is a phycological thriller that does a great job at showing the brokenness of a helpless man. Jake Gyllenhaal really carries this movie as he has a double lead role. He portrays two completely different personalities so well that it really does feel like you are watching different people. I can’t end what I like about this movie without talking about the cinematography, which to say the least is a masterclass in its own regard.

I recommend this film to anyone who wants to really think hard and be left to complete and fill in the gaps of the story themselves. Also it is only like an hour and forty minutes so you don’t need to do too much planning to watch this awesome movie.