Midsommer is a 2019 thriller/drama that follows a group of college students who travel to Sweden to visit a friend’s rural hometown for the midsummer festival. What starts as seemingly normal trip, quickly turns into an increasingly violent and bizarre set of rituals led by a pagan cult. Watch as each character goes through their own bad set of circumstances in this obscure and disturbing film.

When I sat down and watched this movie for the first time, I had my ideas of what was about to go down, and I was completely wrong. This story has so many awesome tricks up its sleeve that is all played out extremely well. This movie is very fucked up. I have never seen something with such disturbing imagery, but the director makes it feel tasteful in a way. Now I put this movie at number 2 for this year’s list and I have to stay with that. The effort put into the film is seen through its complex script, while the indy style of film making allows the director to keep it fresh and unique.

I don’t recommend this film for everyone as it is really intense. Prepare to see some things you never wanted to see and to be genuinely freaked out. I think this one is sure to find its way into indy classics.

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