All-time Favorite Films List

This is the list of my favorite movies of all time. There is a short info piece attached to my top 5 and the titles and images for the 6-10.

  1. The Shawshank Redemption

This 1994 film follows Andy Dufrane, a man who is wrongly accused of a crime and given a double life sentence. This movie will make you laugh and cry as you meet all of the people within Shawshank prison. This is a movie that everybody needs to see at least once in their lives.

2. Pulp Fiction

Arguably Tarantino’s best work to date, this 1984 classic is filled with violence, comedy, and the best things you never knew you needed to see. Who hasn’t seen this?

3. Goodfellas

A young man is brought up in the mob and works to advance himself through the ranks. Scorsese puts on a masterclass. A must see.

4. The Wolf of Wall Street

Scorsese does it again! Based on the real Jordan Belfort’s life, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill deliver their best through this crazy sex, drug, and money filled film.

5. Interstellar

Christopher Nolan creates one of the greatest space movies of all time. Matthew Mcconaughey’s performance mixed with the stunning visuals and a Hans Zimmer score is movie magic.

6. Lord of the Rings: Two Towers

7. Se7en

8. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

9. Zodiac

10. Us

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