About Me

My name is Jack Meier, I am 20 years old and was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I am currently a second year student at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah and I am studying communication.

I grew up passionate about lacrosse and the film industry, and have stuck with both of those things for a long time. While I recently quit playing lacrosse in college, I now have plenty of time to watch and write about media that I see such as TV, graphic design, music, and of course movies.

One thing that always bothered me when I would read film reviews growing up is that I never felt like I could relate or understand what the critics were writing about. Now that I am older and understand the ideas that film puts into our society, I feel confident that I can write reviews that are more effective at telling you what is worth seeing, so you can spend less time trying to figure out what to watch next.